Test if domain name is in Let's Encrypt blacklist


I was trying to get a SSL certificate for my domain: "laincubadoramusical.es" with Digicert, but it was not possible because it contains the word "CUBA" and even though it is not related with the country, they strictly follow US embargo policies.

Is there a way to figure out if I would have the same issue with Let's Encrypt before moving out to another hosting provider?

Thank you and best regards,

Jérémy Fourest


Hi @jeremyf013, welcome to the LE community forum :slight_smile:

The easiest way would be to try and get a cert from LE.
Can you install and run an ACME client?

You shouldn't need to move to another hosting provider, solely to get a cert.


Let's Debug doesn't indicate any (policy) issues for this domain:

(Let's Debug can catch policy issues by checking if LE staging accepts a new order for that domain)


Hi, Jérémy,

That domain name will be fine to use with Let’s Encrypt.


Thank you very much to all of you for the quick answer!!
I will then move to a hosting provider who uses Let's encrypt, because with Strato (my actual one) I would have to get a VPS linux with Plesk which is extra package.

Thanks again !
I'll set the conversation as "Solved".


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