Ispconfig 3 SSL checkbox does nothing


Done a fresh install of ISPconfig 3 on an OVH server with Debian 8. When setting up a new site via the ISPconfig interface it has a checkbox for letsencrypt SSL already included, as this is a preset install and the option is available by default I’d assume that let’s encrypt must already be integrated in someway, but the button does nothing.

If I do have to install letsencrypt manually, does it only have to be done once via SSH, or am I required edit/create a new cert via SSH everytime I add a new website to my server?

I’m used to using Plesk which had a Let’s Encrypt module that was 2 clicks and done, is there nothing like this for ISPconfig yet?



hi @LukeJonGibson

The only official client that LetsEncrypt works on is Certbot

Plesk and ISPConfig write their own clients and control the development of these clients

You are best to contact ISPConfig forums for this issue or the Github of the plugin developer



Okay thanks, I will do


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