[How To] Securing your control panel ISPConfig 3 (interface port 8080) with Let's Encrypt

So you want to access your ISPConfig control panel over https and replace the self signed certificates ?

The “copy/paste” guide may found here :


I used the following combination:

  1. Use the tutorial on digital ocean
    (I am using ubuntu 14.04 at the moment, I believe this will also work for 16.04)
  2. Follow the tutorial here:

I’ve used it on two ispconfig-installations I have. Works like a charm. I’ll check out the link you have above.

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Since version 3.1 of ISPconfig, it has support for Let’s Encrypt built in - so you don’t need to do anything manually to add them.

My post was regarding securing the ispconfig administration website. I have ispconfig3.1, but I haven’t really found the way to do this through the system.

ISPConfig 3.1 users now have the latest guide / tutorial in securing their ISPConfig control panel, other major services and other ISPConfig server in their single or multi server setup:

  1. https://www.howtoforge.com/community/threads/securing-ispconfig-3-control-panel-port-8080-with-lets-encrypt-free-ssl.75554/

  2. https://www.howtoforge.com/tutorial/securing-ispconfig-3-with-a-free-lets-encrypt-ssl-certificate/

Thank you.