Is there a beta test program I can sign up for?


I got hassled because I wrote about how important HTTPS is on my blog

And yet, neither my blog nor the discussions attached to it are HTTPS. :frowning:

I’d love to be a beta tester and get a LE cert? Is there any beta testing program where I can be an early adopter and test out the process to get a HTTPS cert for my discussions?


There will be a beta program. We’re still working out the details of how we’ll administer it, but you’re very welcome to be a part of it! There will be an ‘early beta’ before we receive our cross-signature from IdenTrust, when the certs we issue will not yet be trusted, and a regular beta after we get the cross-signature. Participating in the early beta would only be suitable for test sites, or sites that currently have no HTTPS and are okay serving an untrusted cert temporarily (because in theory no one visits their HTTPS version).

Once we get the cross-signature, certs issued in the early beta should become retroactively valid, but will need some web server configuration to serve the new intermediate certificate.


BTW, I have HTTPS Everywhere installed and it redirected my to the HTTPS version of your blog automatically:


Yes, because that’s a cloudflare SSL certificate… :frowning:
Flexible SSL… as I assume. So you can’t really say he is using ‘real’ SSL.

BTW not automatically in my case - but I assume you’re using a dev version of HTTPSE.


Indeed I was using a pre-released version of HTTPS Everywhere. But I just released 5.0.9 yesterday, which should include a new rule for


Yes it does. It redirects now.


I am glad you mentioned this. For many out there, this can be another option for a free cert. However, I’ve also seen sometimes setting it up, and have it interact with your environment just the way you want… well lets just say, can take a bit of time to get just right. (That and all the various options to get it in place, confuses many).

+1 for the beta :slight_smile:


A beta program sounds great! Is there a timeline? (will this be before or after the first certificate date?)


After, the beta program will take place between the issuance of the first certificate and general availability.

When beta start

Please count me in as well, for a beta program.


Jose Luis


Excellent, Roland.

I’ve got an app I’m developing on and currently use a self signed certificate for testing my code. It won’t get a lot of use so I’m really not wanting to pay the costly fee for a certified certificate when I go live in a few months.

I guess the next step is to just wait for the beta sign up to show up on the letsencrypt web page?



Sign me up for the beta too!


The signup process for the beta program is still being worked out, when we have a solid plan it’ll be announced on the Let’s Encrypt blog (and probably on this forum too).

Is commercial platform-level certificate provisioning an approved use of LetsEncrypt?

I love to help in the beta


+1 would be interested in beta program as I’d love to integrate letsencrypt into my Centmin Mod LEMP web stack’s auto generated nginx vhost menu/cmd line tools which current auto generates nginx vhost + nginx ssl vhost (for self signed crts)

Adding letsencrypt into the routine would be awesome :slight_smile:


Hiya Guys,
Well done and a MASSIVE Thank You for this project. It is so long overdue and deperately needed. I am so grateful!

I am looking for ssl for privacy reasons but would be happy to wait until you have a beta version SSL available The site has not had ssl previously so might be suitable for your needs?

Any chance that you could advise me please as soon as a beta is available and I’ll get it sorted for you. It would be a privilege to be a beta-tester for you and the community!



I would be delighted to help in beta program!


+1 would be interested in beta program


+1 I also would be interested to join a beta program


Hi Jacob,

I would be very interested in becoming a part of the ‘early beta’ program for a test site I am working on. How do I sign up for this?

Will we be able to use manual provisioning methods in the beta programs, or only the ‘automatic’ method?