Production certificates, unlimited certificates vs. wildcard

Thanks for a great service! I signed for beta roughly a week ago… I am running a reverse proxy with nginx that proxies many of my sites, previsously with a selfsigned wildcard certificate that of course was not trusted by default in any browser… Last weekend I got my first certificate signed by letsencrypt - great. I already read a lot of forum articles on how to automate renewal (including validation) and am considering to try them until it integrates nicely with my setup.
However all of this only makes sense if the certificate will be trusted, which the beta certificates are not. Is this changed with public beta, or by when can we expect official certificates?
And then I am wondering what route to go: as I wrote I am using wildcard certificates, which letsencrypt does not issue so far. The certificate I issued was using alternate subjects to cover more than one hostname, but including all of my (virtual) hostnames will create a long list and thus discloses all hostnames to any user of my sites - I would prefer to avoid this and rather go for individual certificates for every hostname. What are the limits you plan for once beta is over?

public beta certs are web browser trusted !