Whitelisting more subdomains

I got into the beta, but I can only use it for my main domain, and www. I’d also like to use it for my mail server, which is on a different name. (it’s on the same IP because it’s on a NAT, but it’s a separate machine with a separate name.)

Now, unless the 90-day policy is going to change, don’t waste your time with this, but if it will open up past 90 days once you’re out of beta, then I’d be willing to put a couple of certs into active production use, albeit on small servers.

If that 90 day thing isn’t going to go away, then I’ll just leave things unencrypted.

What does the certificate lifetime have to do with subdomains?

Subdomains have to be applied for currently, see Subdomains during Beta, otherwise wait for GA.

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Because if the real certs aren’t going to be at least one year, there’s no point in screwing around with this product. I run tight servers, and there is no way I’m giving those servers outbound access to the Internet. I’m willing to set up the keys from another dedicated machine and then copy them in, but I’m ABSOLUTELY not willing to do that six times a year.

The whole 90-day thing is just ludicrously stupid. It’s trying to control people’s behavior, and it’s not even doing it properly. It’s going to make people less secure, not more.

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So far the stated position seems to be:

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