Beta application approval time?

We have signed up for the Beta and have two domains that expire in 10 days, we would much rather try letsencrypt than to renew them for additional years with someone else.

I think you best renew them with your current provider; It’s still beta for a reason.

I don’t mind using beta software, that’s why I want to try it on non-critical services.

I understand the pain you are in, I'm hoping everyday for that e-mail :wink: Alternative you can always create a free certificate with startssl or you could let them expire and wait for November 16. (see FAQ)

When can I get a certificate from Let's Encrypt?

According to, the Let's Encrypt CA is planning for general availability of its services in the week of November 16, 2015. If you use the client before then (except as part of a beta test program), you would receive a test certificate that is not signed by a publicly-trusted CA, and that is not accepted by browsers.

Also see How to run a certificate on its Web site?


There are a couple of free alternatives, but I’d rather contribute my beta-test finding and try with the beta cross-signing certs. I’m a sysadmin so i don’t mind trying fiddling with manual config if things don’t work.

Me too.
I’ve applied for beta about a month ago - haven’t got any response yet…
Might be LE is not accepting new beta testers anymore? :confused:

Count Me In I want to help beta test

@ecc, @trevor, the beta program hasn’t yet begun but I can assure you that people are still working on setting it up! Thank you for your interest in helping test Let’s Encrypt.


So, @schoen , that was two weeks ago.
Has the beta program begun now?
I too submitted a few days ago, and added another domain today, but no response so far.

Yes, it started some days ago. New domains will be whitelisted from time to time.


Ok, thanks.
It’s just a waiting game then.

Hi, are there any information how many domains are whitelisted (currently about 105 domains) vs how many request are open?
So that we can think how long it maya take to get on the white list ?

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I believe that’s just how many domains have had certs issued, the actual number of sent emails could be much higher.

That said, I think you’re onto a good idea. Just a simple XX/YY progress indicator would help reduce people asking for updates/acceptance timeframes.

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Currently we’ve whitelisted 2935 domains, out of more than 95238 in the current beta signup list (number from 24 Oct). While admittedly that’s only 3%, it’s an interesting game to see how many of those invitations turn into certificate issuances - as you pointed out, there are so far only 203 certificates issued. We’ll be doubling that number of whitelisted domains tomorrow.

Whitelist updates take a certain amount of paperwork as part of our Webtrust obligations, so it’s batched and not an automated every hour kind of beta like we’d prefer. Of course, while anything can be automated – even the paperwork – given that GA is only a few weeks away, manual paperwork for this seems OK for now.


Those are very impressive numbers. Thank you for sharing!

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Those are even the numbers after weeding out the typos, not-real sites, and unlikely-to-join-our-beta high-value properties!

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I wonder what those high-value properties are … I keep hoping i’m in the next round.

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We’re filtering out the Alexa Top 1000.


[quote=“jcjones, post:18, topic:1526, full:true”]
We’re filtering out the Alexa Top 1000.
[/quote] hat’s an interesting move :slight_smile:

I only counted individual domains. Not counting each host or duplicate certificate as one.
That is why i came to the small size of 100. Another point i find interesting with these numbers
is that there are so many domains but so “few” people active in this forum.