How to run a certificate on its Web site?

I installed, as well as run on a web server?

@qtiger, the Let's Encrypt service isn't publicly available yet. It will be publicly available in November. There isn't yet a way for people to obtain certificates from Let's Encrypt.

If you want to participate in the beta program, there's now some information available at

To participate in the beta program, you should be prepared for the possibility that some things will not work correctly at first, and be willing to help work with the project to investigate and fix the problems that might occur.


I ran certificate. Everything works, but wrote certificate is not trusted. I filled out a form for the beta test, but received no response.

@qtiger, as @schoen stated, Let’s Encrypt is still under development and has not been released yet. The certificate you received would have been issued from our testing environment and will not be trusted by any browser.

As for the beta test, we received a large number of requests to join the beta program. With that said, we will continue to accept more people into the program until our launch in November.

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Are you another Let’s Encrypt staff member who is not marked like this here?
So for the admins of this forum I’d suggest to do this directly after an “official” user signs-up here.

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