Web browsers dont accept ca


hello everyone

i am having a problem with running the letsencrypt certs on my server (apache 2.4.x, debian jessie)

i.e. firefox gives me the following:

Dem Zertifikat wird nicht vertraut, weil das Aussteller-Zertifikat unbekannt ist. Der Server sendet eventuell nicht die richtigen Zwischen-Zertifikate. Ein zusätzliches Stammzertifikat kann nicht importiert werden. (Fehlercode: sec_error_unknown_issuer)

firefox is on ubuntu lts, browser version: 41.0.2

what do i need to do to get this running?


Hi @nevermind. We are currently only issuing browser trusted certificates to those in the beta program. Have you received an invite?


no, i did not receive an invite, but to tell the truth, i just started into letsencrypt today. would it be possible that i get a chance to be in that beta program still?


Sure, more information can be found in this post: Is there a beta test program I can sign up for?

For others encountering this issue: You may also run into this issue because you sent just a single certificate instead of the fullchain.pem.


In this context, I agree that the problem is due to using the client software without being in the beta program. As @bmw says, only beta program participants can get publicly-trusted certificates from the CA now. Others will still get an untrusted test certificate until the service is generally available to the public.


thank you very much, @kelunik and @schoen , that was some very helpful information, i signed up with the beta program.