Early Access Domain White List Instructions?

@schoen From Updated Let's Encrypt Launch Schedule - Let's Encrypt

In the ten weeks between these two dates we’ll gradually issue more and more certificates. We’ll start by issuing a small number of certs to whitelisted domains and expand our issuance as we gain confidence in our systems (stay tuned for instructions on getting your domains added to our early-access whitelist).

Curious if those instructions have been posted somewhere ? First week of September 7th starts next week :sunglasses:


Not seen any info yet :smile:

It would be nice to have a reply here, please. And don’t push the schedule back for more time… Come on. It is ready…

Well if they're not 100% ready, I'd rather they push back as opposed to a rush release.

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I’m also interested in seeing instructions on getting added to the whitelist.

@josh Why no instruction has been given? Where is the first certificate? This week ends in two days…

I cannot understand your impatience. Although we all are eager to see this effort come to work it is certainly not sensible to tell them “it’s ready” - we want as few mistakes as possible, don’t we?


As others have said, I’d much rather they take their time and release the product when it’s ready, instead of pushing it out to hit a deadline. Especially when dealing with anything security related.

There will inevitably be a number of people that attempt to install this once it’s released who don’t really know what they are doing or the implications of doing so, and will come here to complain because their server is messed up. I don’t believe anyone at LE has ever said they will hold a public beta (correct me if I’m wrong) or that anyone in the general public will be given first access prior to release.

Chances are, there are already certificates out there for people who have contributed to the project, either through submitting code, or doing code reviews etc… They will know what they are doing, and will be able to find faults that exist (and deal with them) much better than a bunch of people (speaking in general, not directed at anyone in particular) that may not have a good idea of what they are doing. If you NEED a certificate that bad, pick one up for $10/year while you wait for LE to be released. Otherwise, relax, it will be released when it’s ready.