Lets Encrypt CA Final


I am reading that the CA should be live of the week of 16 November.
But when i generate a cert i get hacker CA.

What am i doing wrong or what am i not understanding ?


LE is currently in closed beta, only whitelisted domains will receive valid certificates and will have to use a special server for that, see https://community.letsencrypt.org/t/beta-program-announcements/1631?u=kelunik

You can still apply to the beta and once you’re whitelisted, you can get a certificate following the rules explained in the email you’ll get.

I want to do test with multiple domain request for diffrent services.



Hoping to give my customers a edge in the future.
Is a ip whitelist possible ?


That whitelist exists only during the beta and it’s domain based. Once it’s generally available, there will be no such whitelist. Just apply with your domain / subdomains or wait for general availability.

Thanks, I will apply for 3 domains for testing, I saw no eta on the generally availability.
Do you know it ?

You even mentioned the date. :wink:

hahahahhah it is late here and i thought 16 of this month was gone, whooops i think i need a good time sleep, I can wait until the 16 for full public release.