Subdomains during Beta

While applying for beta I just added three domains, but didn’t include any subdomains. Now, there are all three whitelisted with and without the www prefix.

Will other subdomains be allowed later in beta or do I have to apply for them as well?

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I’m afraid you’ll need to apply for them as well, or wait for General Availability.

what is to do to whitelist a domain?

Do you have a tutorial?

you go to the form where you apply for beta and list your domains. if you get taken LE will whitelist you.


Woot, inlining of Google Docs, nice!

I’m in the same case, I need to whitelist some subdomains.
So, I need to re-fill the form, but should I re-enter my already whitelisted domains, or only add my subdomains in the field of the GoogleForm ?

Just list the additional subdomains. Your previous domains will still be whitelisted and will also be included in the email you’ll get then.