Whitelisting more sub-domains?

Our domain was accepted to the beta program, but only for www and tozny.com. Since we use WPEngine, it turns out that it’s not really practical to use Let’s Encrypt for those sites.

How do add more sub-domains to the whitelist? Is there a downside in white listing all of our subdomains (foo.tozny.com)?



Unfortunately you will have to fill out another request for the subdomains in question, just like you did the first time. I don’t like that practice either, but that’s how it is right now.

I think it’d be a good step towards to the open beta to whitelist all the subdomains. I’m on the beta but can’t really use letsencrypt yet because I need a good 50 hosts done.

Also, why not set the rate limits to production level now?

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Thanks for the feedback, everyone. In summary, you have to re-submit to the beta program to add sub domains.