Moving on - upgrading to *all domains*

hi, testing is all done for us and working fine, how do we get to do this at server level, so all clients accounts are enabled (same as you have allowed for Pressjitsu and siteground), basically, so we are no longer limited to just the test domains. (will be run under brand - website in process of rebuild) and will be primarily for WP hosting



anyone here that knows ?

I’d suggest making your first post a little bit better to understand… Because I’ve got no clue what so ever on what you want…

at the moment, we have a set of 5 domains that have been approved for SSL, i want to be able to offer LetsEncrypt SSL to our clients in an automated manner, the same way that pressjitsu and siteground do

What’s stopping you doing that now? There is nothing that needs to be “enabled” for different domains. or are all your sites subdomains of your domain or something ?

when we signed up,. we were asked for specific domains to add, so assume thats all we are allowed

will try it out and see

in the “private beta” phase, you needed to whitelist domains, yes. That’s not true now it’s in the “public beta” stage

many thanks for that