Is it OK to give LetsEncrypt a "helpdesk" email address that opens tickets?


A school I am working with has certificates for their web, email, and VPN servers from LetsEncrypt.

The person who originally set up the the certificates set the email address to be (where is actually the school’s domain). Because the school has a hired sysadmin as well as a number of part-time volunteers (like me), that email address goes into a bugtracking system and creates a ticket that all of us can see.

We got our first “you have a certificate expiring soon” message today, and I realized that means that the ticket system sent an auto-reply message with the ticket information back to LetsEncrypt.

While we don’t care about this ourselves, I wanted to make sure that we aren’t sending these automated emails to a mailbox that someone actually goes through and/or a mailbox that takes actions (such as unsubscribing or recording bounce messages), in which case we should switch to using a different email address that doesn’t auto-reply.



Hi @kohenkatz,

Thanks for asking :slight_smile: You’re all good - replies to the expiration warnings are routed to the equivalent of a digital black hole. You aren’t taxing us with any auto-replies.


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