SSL Auto Renewal and Notifications

I am new to using Lets Encrypt and our association has an SSL for their website. It states the cert is good from May to August of this year. Is there a way to provide my email address so I can receive notifications of renewal or actions?
Thank you!


The only regular email notifications provided by Let's Encrypt would be expiration warnings which get sent starting around 20 days prior to a cert's expiration unless a new cert with the same set of names has been issued. These are sent to the email address associated with the ACME account that requested the certificate. Depending on the ACME client used to request the certificate, it is possible to add/change the email address associated with the account.

Let's Encrypt will also rarely use account email addresses to send critical service related notifications.


Yes normally you would have set up an automatic renewal, that way your certificate will renew before expiry and you won't generally get notifications from Let's Encrypt.

How did you setup your certificate (certbot, a web control panel, some other app?). Usually when you get started with Let's Encrypt you are prompted to provide an email address, but it depends on the software you used.


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