Expiration Notification

I just installed my first Let’s Encrypt cert, and have secured my site. I generated the cert manually on my iMac, and as I understand it the cert will expire in 90 days. Will I be notified prior to that expiration from Let’s Encrypt, or my host, or anyone prior to the expiration so that I can renew it?

Is there a way to make all certs auto renew?

Thanks for any help!


Assuming you provided an e-mail when creating your account (which probably happened if you typed in your e-mail address at all), you will receive an e-mail from the CA when the certificate is near expiry, if it hasn’t been renewed with precisely the same set of domain names.

Autorenewal is a feature in some of the Let’s Encrypt client software, but it depends on which software you used and how you used it. For creating a certificate manually on your own computer, automatic renewal is very unlikely to happen because the same proof-of-domain-control steps will need to happen again every time. If those steps were performed manually the first time, there’s no way that they can be performed automatically in the future.

Depending on your host OS, your level of access, and possibly your level of comfort with scripting on your own computer, you might be able to set something up so that automatic renewal will happen, which we’re happy to discuss on this forum. Otherwise, I expect it won’t be automatic.

Thanks for the reply. I did provide my email address in the command line while installing Certbot locally on my iMac. Unfortunately my host (InMotion) does not provide automatic Let’s Encrypt cert installation, and I couldn’t get it to work over SSH to my hosting account. My host server software is Apache running CentOS. I think as long as I’m notified that it is approaching expiration I should be OK, its pretty quick to go tot he command line and renew it is I understand it correctly.

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