Certificate Expiary issues


I received a certificate expiry warning today from lets encrypt.
I think it is great that lets encrypt is offering not only a free signing service but also warnings before the certificate expires.
Unfortunately I received the email on the same day the certificate is going to expire (The warning literally said 0 days) I checked and no previous e-mails were sent. So by the time I saw the e-mail the certificate was already expired. And since I had to solve some issues which caused the certbot to crash on my server it was a very stressing start for the weekend.

I’m not sure if this is a known issue and where it should be reported.


I assume it’s related to this known issue about the notifications going out late

Have you got the cert renewed Ok ?


Oh Great to see this is already got fixed.
I guess I received the warning since the mailer was finally working, and it was just bad (or maybe good) luck that it happened on the day my certificate expired.

I managed to renew the cert and everything is working at the moment (I should probably edit my renew script to send me an email if certbot fails for any reason)


A good idea, yes.

There is also a bash script (checkssl ) and a website ( letsmonitor.org ) which can also be used to regularly check your website and email you if it’s close to renewal time (and probably others I’m not aware of )


Thanks I’ll check them out


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