Renew warning email


i have got a notification mail:

Let’s Encrypt certificate expiration notice

in 19 days the certificates will expire. I am using archlinux server and configured a:
cronjob /bin/autocert --renew --standalone (&some hooks)

i am confused now, when i call it manually i get:

Cert not yet due for renewal

Is it using a wrong configuration?

Nearly always this is because you got several different certificates (such as possibly on for and then realised you didn’t have the www version, so generated a new certificate with both and the www version (or maybe mail. or something )

If you don’t think that was the case, what’s the domain name in the email ?

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this is the case, i appended later some more domains. do i need to pass all the domain names as parameters?

I thought certbot takes it from the configuration

certbot takes the renewal information from the configuration, yes.

The email isn’t from certbot though. The email is from the Let’s Encrypt server which only knows about certificates issued ( not that you now want to use the new expanded one, rather than the old one). Hence it sends warning emails about the old ones. Once that has expired, you won’t get more emails about it.

Ok thank you very much

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