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I am still receiving warning emails about a certificate expiry (which is a nice thing) but when I try to renew the cert, I receive a “not due for renewal yet” message.

Here is the log, letsencrypt.txt (21.0 KB)
in case someone could help with this.

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Sometimes expiry emails arrive because a previous certificate had domains added or removed from it - those emails are generally safe to ignore. More details at .

If you can post the contents of the email here, we could tell you if that is the case. If you do post it here, make sure to remove the unsubscription link.


Yes, this is the case: I had to add www.myDomain to the initial myDomain so I think this is the cause of the issue.
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You can check that you are not holding, and renewing, certs that you no longer need.
For certbot with:
certbot certificates
certbot-auto certificates

This will show you the cert names, the FQDNs covered, their expirations, and the path to the cert files.
If there are any unused, or no longer needed, certs, you can remove them with:
certbot delete --cert-name YOUR.CERT.NAME

[if you have another client, review their documentation or --help response for similar commands]

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