Cert renewed but still getting expiration emails

Hi all,

I have read this https://letsencrypt.org/docs/expiration-emails/ to get clarification of the process involved, but does not answer my problem - as i read this form it “If your certificate is already renewed, we won’t send an expiry notice.”

We have renewed our Exchange certificate and still getting expiration noticed even though its not due until April '18

Please advise on this, clicking on unsubscribe might solve problem for now, but I dont want to fall in situation that my cert renewal notice is missed and if auto-renewal fails we have a problem.

I can share my ch.sh on the affected SAN domains involved in PM.

Thanks for you help!

This is most commonly due to a change of domain names on the certificate ( and extra domain / subdomain added or removed).

What’s the exact list of domains the email refers to ?

OK that partly explains its, yes we removed one of the SANs, i will PM you if you are LE Staff?

I’m a moderator here - not staff.

The system sends warnings if the exact same certificate has not been renewed. If you removed a SAN then it will send you the email warnings because that certificate ( including the SAN) has not been renewed.

OK PM sent.

SO if i understand this correctly… the old SAN cert, LE mailing-list still consider this valid only in an expiration sense when it comes to emails notifications.

In actual fact, the new SAN cert we will begin to receive noticed 20+days before expiring, but for the old SAN cert we continue until we manually stop notifications.

Hope the above makes sense?

I got your PM thanks… clarifying this in this post now.

“You will be getting the warning because autodiscover.somedoamin.com has not been renewed on that certificate.”

So question I have is, what do we do?

Cancel the notifications from these old SANs cert or some other cause of action.

We will be getting notification with the updated SAN cert that has one less domain added from original, right?

Just ignore the notifications which will continue until the domain has expired ( the end of next week).

Once the domain has expired, there will be a final email notification, then they will stop.

Future notifications will then only be related to the domains you have remaining on your new certificate.

OK thanks for super fast responses and advise :slight_smile:

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