CHANGE EMAIL: Let's Encrypt certificate expiration notice

Hi guys,
I received an email with few domains listed abot expiration notice, but the problem is:

  1. On this domain I do not use Let’s encrypt.
  2. I want to change/remove this email for notification at all, because it was for testing purposes only.

Please explain how and where this data needs to be removed/changed?


Hi @netholics,

Unfortunately there's not really a way for Let's Encrypt to know whether you are/aren't using a given certificate. For that reason we send expiration warning emails for all certificates issued. If you do not renew the certificates with the unused domains then the emails will cease once the certificate has expired.

This depends on the ACME client you are using to communicate with Let's Encrypt. Certbot (as one example) has a --update-registration flag that can be used to change the email address associated with a registration.

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