Update Expire Notification Email


I am the new sysadmin on my company, so the email when we receive the expire certification notification was the mail address from the predecesor admin.

So can you please help me to know how to update de e-mail address.

Thanks a lot!


Hi @TCTAManager,

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Please see this article for updating an email address: https://letsencrypt.org/docs/expiration-emails/

However, you can change the email address on your account, which effectively re-subscribes you. Many common email services treat yourname+1@example.com the same as yourname@example.com. So if you update your email address to yourname+1@example.com, you can start getting expiry mail again. With Certbot, use:

Best of luck in your sysadmin career! It’s a wild ride. :roller_coaster:


Changing your email address is done through the ACME API, just like everything else. So you have to use your Let’s Encrypt client to do it. The page above demonstrates how to do it with Certbot, but we don’t know what client or clients you’re using.

The email address is associated with your account. It’s common for people to have multiple accounts – usually one account per ACME client installation per server. (Or two, if you use both the staging and production environments.) If you have multiple accounts, you have to update each one.

If some of the ACME clients you’re using don’t implement email address changes, you’re in a bit of trouble.


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