Update email address to receive cert expiration emails

I want to update my email address to receive expiry emails of my certificates, currently i am using single email address to receive those emails i want that for my two email addresses.

Email updates are done by the client you use to access Let’s Encrypt. What client are you using?

With certbot, you can run

certbot update_account —email new@example.com

Thanks mcpherrim i have update my email but did not receive any email from lets encrypt at this new email address, does lets encrypt generate email on new address whenever we change email address?

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No, we only send emails when an actual expiry is pending or we need to communicate with you. That may change in the future, but not for now.


Many Thanks

Further can we assign two email addresses??

With Certbot, yes, you just provide a comma-delimited list (probably best quoted)

Otherwise check with your ACME client docs.


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