"Click here to let certificate expire now" in email notification suggestion

I usually use letsencrypt certificates to more or less test boxes where I don’t want to pay for a cert just to proof of concept something. Which works great.

Except later on when the server/endpoint I had the cert on is long gone but the emails start rolling in about the certificate expiring. I realize I can click on the link to unsubscribe, but if it helps to reduce resource utilization on the letsencrypt CA’s or whatever else I’d prefer to be able to “help” there. If there were a way to click to say a cert is no longer needed at all and to release it early I would definitely click it.

My apologies if there is a way to do this which I am not aware of.

Once a certificate is issued, the only way to “expire” it early is to revoke it. Generally, revocation should only be done in the case of compromise of the certificate itself. It also uses resources to maintain the revocation status, so you’re not really saving anything.

I’d say to just ignore the notifications.


I figured it might be the case, but wanted to suggest it anyhow. Oh well.

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