Is My Certificate Really Up For Renewal

I have received two emails from Let’s Encrypt that say my certificate will expire at the end of the week if I don’t renew. My shared hosting is through Sitegrounds and I used their tool, that you can access through cPanel, to install the certificate. If I go to the tool, it says that my Certificate doesn’t expire until the beginning of December. I tried running ./letsencrypt-auto and get no such file or directory. So do I really need to renew or is the email in error?

The most common situation is that your emails are about a certificate with a slightly different set of names in it, than the certificates you’re using now. The list of names should be in the email, please compare it carefully.

Suppose you initially asked (or the host on your behalf asked) for foo.example and, and then later you realise, oh, I should add, this is a different set of names to the original. The Let’s Encrypt system will continue to warn about the original certificate with just two names until it expires, even though the new certificate with three names isn’t due to expire.

If you think this isn’t the situation you probably need to tell us the DNS names in the certificate that Let’s Encrypt emails you about or we won’t be able to figure out what’s wrong.

I originally added in the .org and then a few days later, added in the .com. Could this cause the change that you mentioned?

Like @tialaramex mentioned the best way for us to help debug this situation with you is if you share the domain names associated with the certificates that you are receiving warnings for.

Yup! This could potentially explain it. These would be treated as two separate certificates and its possible the former (with only .org) is expiring soon while your current cert (with both .org and `.com) is renewed and not expiring.

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