iPage & Let's Encrypt

I’m hosting on iPage (shared hosting) and their tech support has told me that they don’t support Let’s Encrypt (LE). Is anyone using iPage and, if so, how do you make it work with LE when you have no shell access?

They should probably elaborate a bit on “don’t support”. According to http://www.ipage.com/knowledgebase/beta/article.bml?ArticleID=1875 there is a way to install a proper (non-shared) certificate. However, I don’t know if your particular hosting plan allows that, so double-check.

As for not having shell access, then it should not be an issue as long as there is a way to install a certificate via Control Panel. If you have a control over your domain name, then you can either install any client that support DNS verification on some other computer and run it there or use ZeroSSL Certificate Wizard.

ZeroSSL supports DNS verification for both online and downloadable clients. As far as I know, go and bash clients support DNS verification too (though I haven’t used those).

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