I have a problem with the limit of Let's Encrypt

Recently I was affected by the Rate Limite of Let’s Encrypt, and I do not know why if I only made 5 SSL certificates that have 4 domains each. I do not know why I was affected by the limit of Let’s Encrypt.

Now, the other problem is, in https://letsdebug.net I saw that he told me that in 15 hours I finished my blockade, but when I enter to see and only 5 minutes are missing, I see that the waiting time to acquire new certificates another hour, I do not understand why that happened, it’s supposed to be only 5 minutes away. Does anyone have an explanation for this?..

As I said before: https://letsdebug.net/www.kicarding.us/1297
As it says now:https://letsdebug.net/www.kicarding.us/1301

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If you take a look at the verbose output or at https://crt.sh/?q=%.kicarding.us, you can see that many more than 5 certificates have been issued in the past week for that Registered Domain.

it looks like cPanel has been issuing them.

The time remaining on Let’s Debug reports is from the time of the test rather than the time you’re viewing the results, which I guess is confusing.

The reason the time went up is that yet another certificate was issued today, which moved the rate limit window up again.

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But why increase the limit? So more time, it had never happened to me

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