I got This error

In my case, the first step was to remove Domain Forwarding, a pretty easy step. I followed the instructions at this site: Remove my domain forwarding | Domains - GoDaddy Help US . The web page appearance differs but the headings and path to DNS Management work as described.

Next, under the Domain DNS heading, I discovered my domain had been 'Parked' by GoDaddy after I deleted Domain Forwarding. If you find that A-record labeled 'Parked', delete it.

Finally, I made a mistake when creating my A-record under DNS Management by entering the text URL while creating my A-record. If you have selected the Domain name you wish to work on (displayed at the top of the page), you cannot repeat that Domain name in the A-record. Instead use '@' in the 'Name' field. Do not include the squotes ' ' in your A-record entry.

Once completed, it took about an hour for propagation.