I do not receive emails from lestsencypt

Hi ,
I have installed certbot and letsencypt on my server.
The problem I have is that I'm not receiving emails when my certificates are about to expire or have failed to renew.
I'm currently using a Ubuntu 18 LTS server with Nginx.

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Did you include your email when prompted during your certbot install? Did you make sure everything is typed correctly? One of the JSON files in /etc/letsencrypt/accounts/ contains what Certbot thinks your account’s email address is.

Certbot’s log files will also include it.

You can update/fix your registration email with:
sudo certbot update_account --email updated_email@example.com

If your email address is correct in the files, it's possible that at some point you unsubscribed from the certificate expiration emails. In that case, the easiest way to re-subscribe is to update your email address otherwise you will have to wait a year for unsubscribe to expire. If you have a gmail you can do something like oldemail+certbot@gmail.com to recieve mail at your inbox.

More importantly, if you're waiting for e-mail notifications to renew certificates, you should start a forum post to find and fix any issues with your certbot install that prevents it from automating renewals.


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