How to restore/add previous wildcard certificates in the Let’s Encrypt cPanel app?


While doing some trial and error tests, I used up all 5 issuance of the certificates and cannot reissue a new certificate. However I have saved a backup copy of one of the certificates (crt and key files). Now I can add that certificate via cpanel SSL/TLS Option but after adding it, the Let’s Encrypt app doesn’t recognize the certificates for auto renewal.

How can I add the previous (valid) certificates issued by Let’s Encrypt to the official Let’s Encrypt cPanel app so that it recognizes it and automatically reissue upon expiration?

I don’t have root access

Hi @t-abraham

I don't use cPanel, but I don't think this is possible. cPanel has it's own certificate management, you have to manipulate the configuration files directly. But without root access that may be impossible.

So wait 60 - 70 days, then create a new certificate via cPanel. Then the automation should work.

Thanks. But you said to wait 60-70 days??? Isn’t it a 7day rollover to reissue the a new cert?

You have an active certificate. So you can use it 90 days.

Letsencrypt is free, so you shouldn't create new certificates every week. Every two months is enough.

True that… actually that’s the plan. Already using the active cert and has plans to get a new one just a week before this one expires…

Asked you the question just for clarification

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