I need help renewing my wild card ssl

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My domain is: frutajugo.com

My hosting provider, if applicable, is: smarterasp

I am new here dont really understand how this works. Someone built a website for me frutajugo.com and i have been getting emails of my ssl certificate is going to expire in 18 days I checked my cpanel and it shows my domain and subdomains have a wildcard ssl issued to them from lets encrypt. So I want to find out how I can get my ssl certifcate for my domains and subdomains renewed.

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Hi @ochoga

ask your hoster and check your cPanel.

May be the certificate will be renewed in some days. So the standard Letsencrypt mail is too early (20 days before expiration).

Or may be your configuration / cPanel is buggy. Then your hoster should fix it.

Normally, Letsencrypt certificates created via cPanel should be renewed.

Hi ochoga,

To make your Let's Encrypt working, you need to make sure that you point your A record to their server first. But, I don't know if they support Let's Encrypt or not. You may need to check it with them first. If you are using Plesk like me, then you can install it directly Let's Encrypt via control panel. I'm using Asphostportal as my provider.

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