Help with migrating to Let's encrypt


I must migrate a site from another hosting to my VPS. The site is currently on cpanel hosting and secured with their cerificate.

I want to secue it with Let’s Encrypt after the migration. Do I do that like with any other site, since the cpanel autority’s certificate is still valid?

Will it produce and problems if I just get a new certificate via certbot on the new VPS?

Thanks in advance

Hi @markobugbg

if you use cPanel, it’s the best to use the cPanel-Letsencrypt-Plugin.

I don’t know what this plugin is doing. But one more certificate doesn’t hit any limit of Letsencrypt. So it’s the best way to create a new certificate.

You can use Certbot. But if you have already cPanel, use the cPanel-Plugin.

Thanks for the reply. I am transfering the site from cpanel to virtual private server.

Then you can use Certbot to get a new certificate. You can create 5 certificates with the same names in one week. So one new certificate isn't a problem.

There can be any number of simultaneously valid certificates from any number of different CAs for the same domain name. The certificates don't contradict or invalidate one another.

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