Migrate from cPanel AutoSSL to LEMP Let's Encrypt

Quick question I’m trying to migrate website from:

Sever A (cPanel with AutoSSL)


Server B (LEMP VM with Let’s Encrypt)

I cannot get certbot to work because the DNS still points to the old server.

If I change DNS the website will be down temp till I fix.

How can I add SSL cert to the replacement server before DNS change?

Thanks much

Can you copy the current cert files from Server A to Server B?

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Thanks! Without that nudge I would have been stuck for a while longer. :confused:

I was going to setup on sub domain and then move after. But that would have been a dirty workaround.

I was able copy certs just as you suggested and saving them on new server.
Once the DNS was set to new server… also had to pause Cloudflare since it hides the server IP.
…in case anyone else searches the same issue.

Then worked without issue. Seems to be working: https://haydenjames.io

Thx again!

Sometimes it’s the simple things that complicate our lives.
Glad I could help :slight_smile:

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