How to renew LetsEncrypt in Plesk?

is there a setting to have the letsencrypt plesk plugin renew automated ?


Hi @Frank1000

The Plesk Plugin is developed and maintaned by Plesk so if you go to their forums they should be able to assist :smiley:


ok thx for info. In case its not auto-renewing, whats the usual process ? Is there a website where i re-enter them ?


i have no idea :smiley: hence why i suggested that you go discuss it on a forum where the people developing the plugin can assist you (i.e. Plesk forum)


Hey Andrej, ya i meant if the Plesk plugin wouldn’t handle renewing, how would I do it manually on letsencrypt website ? I didn’t see how that goes.

There is no way to do it on the Let's Encrypt web site, only by using software. But you can do it on third-party web sites like and, which implement a web interface to the necessary tasks.

See also Getting Started - Let's Encrypt.

ok thank you Andrei. Plesk plugin description says its auto-renewing, but i keep getting messages from LetsEncrypt to renew my certificates. The Plesk plugin doesn’t have an auto-renewal setting, so i posted at their forum, hoping for solution there.

This can happen if you changed the domain names that are included in the certificate, because the old certificate with a different assortment of domain names may not have been renewed in its exact original form. Nonetheless, you might have a valid certificate for the set of domain names you currently use. You can check in your browser whether or not the site has successfully started using an updated certificate.

i had no domain name changes so far. As of now i keep receiving the https warning

Thanks for the details. I agree that that certificate is expired and also that it’s never been renewed:

You could tell people on the Plesk forum that no renewal certificate has ever been issued, based on the above link. (Sometimes there are software bugs where a certificate gets successfully renewed but then not reinstalled, but we can confirm that that’s not the case here.)

thank you for checking into it Schoen. I add this to the post at the Plesk forum.

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