How to login to Certbot to get SSL files manually

While requesting for SSL certificates, 'Let's Encrypt' asks for my email address.

Can I use this email address to login to 'Let's Encrypt' and get the certificate files manually?

What is this email address used for?


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Hi @cubefun,

You're not required to give an e-mail address, but it's recommended. The main use of this address is to send you notifications related to potential problems with your certificate and/or client software, such as expiration warnings (if you get a certificate and then don't renew that certificate soon enough).

In a few cases this has been used to tell people about bugs in the Let's Encrypt client software they're using, or about changes to the Let's Encrypt service that will be incompatible with those people's setups.

If you don't give an e-mail address, you won't get these sorts of warnings through this channel.

The Let's Encrypt account isn't exactly like an account with other services and there isn't exactly a concept of using it to log in or download things. It's used for a few things like calculating certain rate limits and allowing you to reissue related certificates (still using a client like Certbot!) within a short time of the original validation, without repeating the validation process.


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