My ssl cert is suspended and when i try to login to say forgot password it say my email does not exist but it is the same email i receive notification. Now my website is not working. I want to login so that i can renew ssl cert

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Hi @mashalete,

We’re going to need the other information from that form about your hosting environment and the software that you use, and how you originally obtained the certificate that’s now expired.

Let’s Encrypt itself does not have any notion of a “password” for user accounts, nor do we have any place for users to log in. This makes me think that the place you’re trying to log in to is probably something other than Let’s Encrypt.

Hi there,

I used Lets Encrypt. The email I used is to access the certificate. My website is I can even forward you the email from you org. reminding me of the expiry.

Let’s Encrypt does send reminders when a certificate is going to expire, but the e-mail address used for those reminders is an account credential, does not have an associated password, and can’t be used to renew the certificate. There is nowhere to “log in”.

In order to renew the certificate, you need to use the same software that you originally used to obtain it. This might be an application that you installed on a web server, or it might be a feature in a control panel provided by a web host, or it might have been a third-party web interface like or (not provided by Let’s Encrypt itself). There are dozens of different interfaces to get Let’s Encrypt certificates, so it’s important to figure out what you originally did to get the certificate that you have (on March 20, 2017).

I cannot remember, is there a way you can assist me?

I used

Again, there is no way to get a certificate directly from the website.

But, if you followed the instructions there, you probably installed a program called certbot on your server. Try running sudo certbot renew from a shell on your server, or look for a program you downloaded called certbot-auto and run sudo ./certbot-auto renew from the directory you downloaded it to.

If you don’t have certbot installed on the server, we really can’t help you without knowing what you did use. You could review the list of supported software and see if any of them are present on your server.

If you’re absolutely sure you did everything online and not in any black screen terminal, you probably used or as suggested upthread. In that case, just visit one of those sites and do it again.

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The (valid) cert at:
is for:

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