How to get SSL Cert



I wanted to understand how do i get a https cert for my wordpress site.

I see that it wants me to install certbot on the server but does that automatically manage the cert for me.

Right now my site is simply http and not secure on 443.

Please guide me.


Hi @ranjitcool, if you have root access to the server where your site is hosted, you can create a cron job that periodically runs certbot renew to renew your certificates automatically.

Please see to learn about how to install Certbot with your particular web server and OS.

If you don’t have root access to the server or aren’t familiar with the system administration concepts that the site describes, it might be a fair amount of manual effort for you to use Let’s Encrypt and you might want to ask your hosting provider to integrate it instead.


Thank you Schoen for replying. I don’t have access to the server because i used a managed hosting account - so basically PAAS rather than a IAAS.

With that said it seems like if I did have access to a server all i have to do is install Certbot and renew and run it and all https certificate is taken care of without me having to buy a cert from a CA. Did i understand that correctly?

Please kindly confirm



@ranjitcool, that is true if you have root on the server. Right now, Certbot can only automatically install the certificate for you if you use Apache. If you use another web server like Nginx, Certbot can obtain the certificate, and then you will also have to do a one-time configuration step after you’ve obtained the first certificate to tell your web server to use it.


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