SSL Certificate

i need SSL certificate for my site

In many cases, you can just run certbot-auto or certbot, and the client will guide you through the process of obtaining and installing certs interactively.
For full command line help, you can type:
./certbot-auto --help all
You can also tell it exactly what you want it to do from the command line. For instance, if you want to obtain a cert for,, and, using the Apache plugin to both obtain and install the certs, you could do this:
./certbot-auto --apache -d -d -d
(The first time you run the command, it will make an account, and ask for an email and agreement to the Let’s Encrypt Subscriber Agreement; you can automate those with --email and --agree-tos)
If you want to use a webserver that doesn’t have full plugin support yet, you can still use “standalone” or “webroot” plugins to obtain a certificate:
./certbot-auto certonly --standalone --email -d -d -d
Understanding the client in more depth
To understand what the client is doing in detail, it’s important to understand the way it uses plugins. Please see the explanation of plugins in the User Guide.
Software project:
Notes for developers:
Main Website:
Let’s Encrypt Website:
IRC Channel: #letsencrypt on Freenode
ACME spec:
ACME working area in github:

i need ssl certificate can you please let me know how can i make this for my site?

You have to say your server component is: nginx or apache?

i have cpanel of my server

I will not use cpanel!

so can you suggest me how to get the ssl for cpanel sites

If your cPanel is provided by a hosting provider, they need to enable the AutoSSL feature to let you get Let’s Encrypt certificates.

When they have done that, there should be an option inside your cPanel interface to let you get a certificate.

If not, I suggest asking over on the cPanel forums:

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