How to apply and receive SSL Certification

I must be older than I thought, this site appears unstructured and confusing which is why I cant find any contact info other than this forum, or instructions on how to get a SSL certificate wildcard. I did notice the admin pointing out the Get started button, but it doesnt go anywhere other than to more confusing pages. Is it my brain playing tricks or the funny pills I get with meal time in the nursing home? lol
Can anyone please reveal an easy to follow path for getting a SSL certificate to my Hosting coy. They have sent me a code, which Im supposed to pass on to, but it doesnt seem there is any way to do that. Im told by the Host this:
“You need to give the CSR code that I sent to your SSL provider since it will be used to get the SSL certificate. You can call Let’s Encrypt support and they will be able to assist you in getting the SSL certificate for your domain. Once you already have the certificate, please attach it to your reply in this email so that I can install it on our server.” (
Am I in deeper sh#@T than I thought, please enlighten me. If Im a complete idiot, it should be made clear, I dont want nice…just fixes. :smile:

What Crazy Domains have omitted to mention is that they don’t really support Let’s Encrypt in ernest. Let’s Encrypt is supposed to be automatic: you shouldn’t have to muck about with CSRs or anything like that. You shouldn’t have to do anything at all - it should appear in your Crazy Domains hosting account by itself.

If you choose to do what Crazy Domains is suggesting, you would need to repeat the entire process every 90 days, since that is the duration for which a single Let’s Encrypt certificate is valid.

If you want to continue anyway, one of the easier ways to do what you are trying to do is to use a tool like ZeroSSL to obtain a Let’s Encrypt certificate from a CSR file. Their website contains some videos if you want to see how the process is done.


that is such a helpful response, thank you! It also levers into other issues, as I have recently changed hosts from (simply because new customers being offered same hosting plan for $9 less for 36mths) But Crazydomains have not been able to successfully transfer all 10 x WP websites across without glitches, so my main site still cannot be accessed after 2 weeks, it keeps throwing up “Cookies are blocked” message even though they’re not. And yes, I have tried everything available on the no avail. Thinking Bluehost might have been a better option?

HostGator actually supports free and automatic SSL (, whereas CrazyDomains does not:

The Free SSL lasts for 90 days from issuance and renews automatically at no cost to you so your site hosted with HostGator should never be without an SSL.

CrazyDomains isn’t a great choice of shared host, sorry to say. There’s a reason they don’t have month-to-month plans. On the off chance that you’re an Aussie (based on your posting time and the fact you signed up to CD), I’d suggest giving VentraIP or Zuver a go. They won’t price match CrazyDomains but the support/performance is pretty great.

bluehost also support AutoSSL, if you were curious.


mate, you are a champion. thanks.

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