Brand New Site for Getting Wildcard Certificates

I’m new here, but I’m hoping I have something of value to contribute. Like many people I discovered Let’s Encrypt through using Unfortunately said site sold-out, much to the detriment of many. With my deepest appreciation for what Let’s Encrypt offers I would like to let everyone know that I have just completed development and testing of a fully-functional, TRULY FREE website client at This site provides everyone (especially the less tech-savvy) with the ability to acquire FREE WILDCARD CERTIFICATES AT NO COST. While features of are still being expanded, the core acme client functionality is fully working so you can get your certificate in seconds submitting only a Certificate Signing Request (CSR). Let me say that while I fully understand and appreciate the viewpoint of automated renewals, for many of us using shared hosting, like GoDaddy, it is not realistically feasible for the average website owner to deal with installing clients and managing scripts.

I learned A LOT developing this site, including writing my own PEM, DER, and CSR decoders as well as making my way through developing for the acme protocol. I realize this is a “help” thread and not a “developer” thread, but if you’re developing your own client and scratching your head at points reviewing output and hundreds of lines of code, I might be able to help.

Looking forward to hearing from the community here at Let’s Encrypt.



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