Let's encrypt multidomain certificate

I need a multidomain certificate (3 domains).
Initially we had this certificate offered for free for the period of 3 months from sslforfree, but starting from the end of May, this service is offered only with payment by those from sslforfree (zerossl).
Does let’s Encrypt offer this free service for 3 domains (or wildcard)?
Thank you!

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Hi @adriani

start with some basics to learn how Letsencrypt works:

Then select a client.

Sslforfree was only one Letsencrypt client, nothing else. Now they use another CA.

PS: And it’s not the recommended way to use Letsencrypt with such third-party webclients.


Since you have used the web interface, you could for example grab the latest Crypt::LE Windows binary and run it interactively (it can be also run in automated mode) with something like this to get the certificate for multiple domains:

le64.exe -email "admin@your.email" -key account.key -csr domain.csr -csr-key domain.key -crt domain.crt -domains "domain1,domain2,domain3" -generate-missing -live

Or like this to get a wildcard:

le64.exe -email "admin@your.email" -key account.key -csr domain.csr -csr-key domain.key -crt domain.crt -domains "domain,*.domain" -handle-as dns -generate-missing -live

Notice that in the latter case, with wildcards, you need to be able to control your DNS records. Also because the wildcard does not cover the “bare” domain (as in “mydomain.com”), in the example above you specify both with the -domains option. Full documentation can be found here or here (shortcut).


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