CertSage? Please and thank you

Hey @griffin, I'm new to the forum, so don't have PM privileges yet. Would love to try CertSage! How do I get on board?

I'm a Godaddy C-Panel shared Linux hosting customer with a multiple domains (markballou.com, alinaphelan.com, blog.markballou.com, etc.). I'm in bed with them until 2024, unless I just want to eat the expense. Refuse to pay them more money for SSL. Would love to try your solution!

I was thinking of tackling the steps I've found to use ACME, but am a bit intimidated. I was also considering paying for a WordPress plugin called WordPress SSL Pro that appears to automate the whole process. I'd rather give anyone money than Godaddy. If you offer a working reliable solution I'll donate to you!


CertSage also uses ACME :wink: But perhaps a good solution for you indeed :slight_smile: Let's wait to hear from @griffin !


Welcome to the Let's Encrypt Community, Mark :slightly_smiling_face:

You have come at the right time my friend. As @Osiris mentioned, CertSage is an ACME client, but unlike most every either ACME client, it offers a friendly, webpage interface for its usage, which makes it fast and easy to use. I am nearly finished with a major revamp of its core that should be released this week (and be the official version 1.0.0 public release) For now though, I'll PM you the Delta version, which is fully functional for getting certificates.


Thanks so much! Glad to be here. Been lurking for quite some time.

I've been putting off SSL for a while now. I don't do any sales or anything on my sites, my sites are essentially glorified business cards. But, I don't want browsers to kick people back due to the lack of SSL.

As my profile says, "I know just enough to get myself in trouble…" I'll review what you sent and follow up with any questions. Couple off the top of my head:

  1. You think I should wait for the official release? I've waited this long… Sounds like you're intending to make it even easier and you're close.
  2. Once I follow the instructions, is there anything I need to do with the sites themselves to make sure that when people type in my domains it goes to an SSL version? I've read a redirect is needed when upgrading to SSL. Does your tool automate that process?

Thanks for the welcome, offering this tool, and the time you put in to it. Look forward to those little padlocks on my sites.


I'm going to send you the detailed instructions for cPanel installation and http to https redirection. :slightly_smiling_face:


If you want to wait for the update, you can, but you won't be hurt any by using Delta. Since CertSage is entirely contained in one PHP file and the data file for version 1.0.0 will be exactly the same as Delta, the upgrade will simply consist of deleting the old certsage.php file and replacing it with the new one. One thing to know with 1.0.0 is that it removes the variables at the top of the file and provides onscreen switches for most of those options so that you don't need to edit the code.


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