I have a security problem - need an SSL mentor

My web server is (include version):
The operating system my web server runs on is (include version):
I believe it’s Apache.

My hosting provider is: Godaddy, using cPanel
I can log in to my site using Filezilla.

Digital security was one of those computing elements that passed me by.
I’ve had to keep learning new skills, as obstacles needed to be overcome.
However, I should have made time for security, but I didn’t.
I figured that I was too insignificant in the overall scheme of things.

What a fool I was :frowning_face:

Current Progress
I have Tails and a number of encrypted email address.

Browsed your topics and found a link to sslforfree
It looks simple.
(after reading the manual install page) :slight_smile:

Install SSL cert (Godaddy)
I am presented with 3 boxes:

Private Key
Certificate Authority Bundle

I’ve read that links from my site can be blocked.
A paypal button perhaps; if clicked, the link isn’t made.
Is that true?

I’ve recently become aware of specific issues.

It would appear that we are all in a pretty shitty situation.
You guys know this more than most.
From what I’ve seen, it looks pretty bleak.
(I’m not going to go into it)

Thank you, to you guys (and tails, tor, emails etc.)

I need your help
You might tell me that Godaddy itself is not secure.
I hope not.
This has to be done on a shoe string, and time is also a factor.

I need to secure my site.
Can somebody walk me through what I need to do (step by step)?

I know it’s a pain, but it could be a useful ‘sticky’.
(Or maybe it has already been done)

In return, I will do my bit :sunglasses:

To bed now.
Hopefully some kind soul will have replied by tomorrow afternoon.


where are you based

Private message me and let’s run through all the bits you have raised

I usually use skype


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Thank you for the replies.
I will PM Andrei.

RE the SSL guide.

This appears to be a guide that is primarily for people who are already competent with the environment.

I can say that the process appears to be a major challenge.
Perhaps it is easier than it seems, but I'd be doing it blind.

It is not clear how the author logged in to his godaddy account.
I'm guessing it was by using 'Terminal'.
I've never done that before.

He states: Log in to your GoDaddy shared hosting system and run the following to download and then install the acme.sh tool.

So I need to know the procedure to log in using terminal.
Then I could presumably copy the code into terminal, to download acme.sh

He uses vim (a text editor).
Perhaps gedit would be fine.
However, it is not clear what he was editing.

But overall, he seems to know what he's doing.

I'm prepared to have a go, but I was hoping that I could use sslforfree and simply fill in the 3 boxes:
Private Key
Certificate Authority Bundle.

I'm going to see what Andrei has to say.
Then I'll try to make progress.

Thanks again for taking the time to respond.

I’ve looked for the Private Message app.
I can’t find it.

I’ve clicked on Andrei’s name and seen his activity, but can’t see the PM link.
Checked my own account and have got an inbox and sent, but no ‘compose message’.

maybe I have not posted enough.

Do I reply to the notification email that I recieved?
But I don’t have a letsencrypt email address - or I can’t find it.
I’m using a secure email service rather than PGP

I have checked my account setup.
PM is enabled.

Perhaps Andrei, you must PM me first.
Or somebody tell me how to activate Private Messaging.

It’s no panic.
I just need to get comfortable with this environment :grin:

Just testing the email response

(I sent the above via email)
So it seems that I can respond to this thread via email.
Still haven’t found the PM feature.

can anybody shed some light on PM please?

Site secured.
It was very easy to do.

I’ve written up the method :slight_smile:

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