Applying Let's Encrypt SSL through WP Encrypt

My domain is:

Where do i initially start with achieving this ^^^ process accurately?

I’ve tried the method of connecting through ssh using PuTTY to connect to the Linux server through Windows, however it continuously comes up with an error message and becomes inactive.

I’m hosted on GoDaddy.

I’m unable to contact GoDaddy support at the moment, due to no access to a phone.

I have learned everything i know through hands on experience. Basically, type to me like im an idiot haha.

GoDaddy is NOT friendly to using SSL cert’s other than what they sell. Many people on GoDaddy have discovered this already. Let’s Encrypt FREE SSL cuts into GoDaddy’s lucrative SSL certificate selling business. Get a host who is LE friendly see - Web Hosting who support Lets Encrypt

Thanks @MitchellK. I came to that conclusion as well haha and I am actually looking forward to obtaining a new host, however i have no money to my name. I have three daughters and am unemployed due to my health condition. I’m trying to establish a secure connection so that i can begin selling online again. I have my bills paid through May, and need my website up and running asap. Any free hosting providers with an easy let’s encrypt install?

How big is your site , is it WordPress ? I can maybe help you out with free hosting to help you on your feet again.

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License or buy my images at

That would be awesome! I’m not sure as to the size of the site…It is wordpress though.

No problem, drop me details of your site, domain name etc via email and I’ll help you from there.

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