Lets Encrypt and Web Hosting Company Godaddy

While many Web Hosting Companies doesn’t supports Lets Encrypt with Full Integration and many of them did.

Godaddy doesn’t shows interests in Free SSL with Lets Encrypt.

We can install LE SSL on VPS or Dedicated Godaddy Hosting and Manually on cPanel based Shared Hosting. But Godaddy doesn’t allow it for Managed WordPress Sites.

When we asked them they said you need to purchase SSL from us to install on Managed WordPress and then if we use Cloudflare Flexible SSL it still shows alot of errors saying mixed content.

Today i saw something strange as on my account at Managed WordPress Godaddy added a new feature i.e. Secure Server CDN but after reviewing i saw the domain for CDN they use uses Lets Encrypt Certificate i.e. https://secureservercdn.net/

This is the power of Free and Open Lets Encrypt. :slight_smile:

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