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Hey everybody,

I’m currently in the learning phase of IT work. I don’t know coding, well at least not expertly.

I have my SSL from let’s encrypt all set up on my wordpress site via WP Encrypt. is the website, it’s hosted by GoDaddy.

I’ve read all the GoDaddy articles on installing Third Party SSL with cPanel and i currently generated a CSR.

1.) Where would i use this CSR to obtain the certificate?

On WordPress, the WP Encrypt Plug-In shows a certificate but says i still have go through some coding to finalize it.

Basically, How do i get this ^^^ done?


Hi @Native,

It would be good to know whether you have a CSR (which is a preliminary step prior to obtaining a certificate in some workflows) or whether you actually have a certificate already issued. These are very different situations to be in with very different next steps.


it looks like you already do have a certificate issued. In that case you do not need a CSR for anything. The WP Encrypt plugin has probably provided a complete alternative that obviates the need for this CSR.

The WordPress instructions are referring to editing text files on the server, which is normally done by logging in to the server over SSH, in common with other command-line system administration tasks. You would do this using an SSH client, such as the ssh program in a terminal emulator if you’re using a Unix-like system, or typically PuTTY on Windows.

If you’ve never done command-line system administration before, you will potentially have a lot of unfamiliar tasks in order to edit the file as suggested by the plugin documentation. If this is the case, it might be a good to check in with the GoDaddy tech support ahead of time to be sure that they agree that this advice is applicable to your situation and hosting plan (so that you don’t waste time on tasks that turn out not to be achievable with your setup). You could also ask them whether they think there is a different way to configure the web server to use the certificate obtained by WP Encrypt (apart from the way that the WP Encrypt documentation has recommended).

If you decide to go ahead with editing the configuration files as suggested by the documentation, I’m sure that people on this forum will be happy to give you advice and explanations about any trouble you run into.


One reason that it’s also a good idea to double-check with GoDaddy tech support before proceeding is the part in the documentation that says “you will need full access to your server configuration […] not all hosting services grant you these permissions”. If you are on a shared server rather than a dedicated server, you may not be able to install the certificate by yourself, no matter what you do; you might require GoDaddy’s help in order to install it.

By the way, the tasks that the documentation is calling for you to do are technical ones, but I would refer to them as “system administration” or “server administration” rather than “coding”. “Coding” usually refers to programming, in the sense of developing new software or changing the functionality of existing software.


Thanks @schoen for the advice, I had installed PuTTY and when i tried to enter my password for the domain login, it kept saying access denied. I guess i’ll have to contact GoDaddy and see if they can assist. I tried them before this post and they kept referring me to . Thats when i generated a CSR and got stuck again. I apologize for using the wrong terminology. Im learning hands on mostly, just started this business and am configuring the website and all technical situations by myself.


Hi @Native,

It’s possible that the GoDaddy documentation isn’t fully applicable to you if some of the other software that you used handled the certificate creation for you. But I hope their support can help you figure out what’s going on.


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