How do I renew my certificate?

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My domain is:

I ran this command: I received an email asking me to renew my certificates, but I don't know how

It produced this output:

My web server is (include version):

The operating system my web server runs on is (include version):

My hosting provider, if applicable, is:

I can login to a root shell on my machine (yes or no, or I don't know): I don't know

That depends on how you got the certificate in the first place. There are numerous ways to get a certificate and thus there are numerous ways to renew it.


Do you know where I can find that information? I've never done this before and find it very difficult

What kind of controle do you have over your website? There also was a question about using a controle panel in the questionnaire, but you seem to have removed that.

I'm guessing you're using a controle panel though, perhaps cPanel, Plesk or something similar. Probably on shared hosting with VIP?

VIP seems to have a support page for Let's Encrypt certificates: Website beveiligen met Let’s Encrypt in de Plesk-omgeving : VIP Internet

There's a recent cert issued for your domain: but that latest one does NOT include the www subdomain, while it previously did include that. This could lead to warnings/errors to users typing in www in front of your domain name in their browser, depending on which browser is used.

My advice is to use the guide I linked above to somehow include the www subdomain next to the "bare" hostname, so your certificate contains 2 hostnames again, and


So if I understand correctly, a certificate is still valid? And can I link the other domain name to it?

Where is the confusion?
The validity of the current certificate is not in question.
The names on the certificate is.

No, you can't modify a certificate; You will need to replace it with a new one.
You currently have a certificate with only one name on it [domain].
It is best practice to have a certificate with two names on it [domain + www.domain].
Both names return the same IP address:



So, it should be configured to respond securely to both of those names.


Strictly speaking, the certificate is valid, but only for Users using/typing in their browser might get an error.

That would require getting a new certificate for both as wel as

As I said before suspect you have some kind of control panel for your website and the configuration of the certificate, looking at the documentation I linked above from your hosting provider VIP. You should probably read that documentation, especially "Stap 4" where you seem to be able to select multiple hostnames for the cert.

If you have trouble with the control panel of your website, I would like to recommend contacting and ask them for help with this.


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