How can I download my private key?

I am trying to install my LE certificate on my Synology NAS server (DS218).
This is a brand new NAS that I installed. Previously I had another NAS.
I have an existing LE certificate for which i also find back in
I want to import this existing certificate.
I could download the .crt file, but to import an existing certificate you also need the private key. This seems to be a separate file.
Where can I get my private key, and download it?

P.S. I am a simple user, and not some techy guru like most in the forums here.

Thanks for your help,

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Hi @a.noels

your private key is only on your old NAS. If there is an export option, use that.

If not, ignore the old and create a new certificate with your new NAS.


And it suffices to just use a new email address but for the same domain

I don’t use Synology, no idea what’s required.

How can I find my Certificate’s Private Key?
This link might provide what you seek.
Hope This Helps

You should be able to register a new account with the same email address. You can use a new email address if you want.

The email addresses aren’t very important. You can register multiple AccountKeys to an existing email address, but you can not create new accounts with the same AccountKey.

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