Let's encrypt for dummies

Dear all,
i am a new dummy user : i am searching a basic manual explaining step by step how to create a certificate for a Synology server ; I am honest : reading all your topics, I simply don’t understand your vocabulary, can’t find the link to create the certificate for the homepage…Who could help me ? Many thanks

I’m told that if your Synology device is up-to-date it is just a one button click to get an LE cert on it.
But I don’t have a Synology device so that’s just hearsay…
Nonetheless, is there a Lets Encrypt menu option choice?

As mentioned by @ahaw021 in How to Renew Certificate 101 (Synology DSM), you can check Synology’s Documentation - Certificates to do your bidding.

Basically, you need to do the following in your Synology interface:

  1. Open Control Panel (Icon) > Security (Icon in Connectivity) > Certificate (Tab)
  2. Click Add.
  3. Select Add a new certificate (Should be selected by default) and click Next.
  4. Select Get a certificate from Let’s Encrypt.
  5. Specify the following information:
    1. Domain name: Enter the domain you have registered from the domain provider.
    2. Email: Enter the email address used for certificate registration.
    3. Subject Alternative Name (I don’t think you need this, so skip it): To allow one certificate to cover multiple domains, enter the other domain names here.
  6. Click Apply to save the settings.

Once confirmed, the certificate will be instantly imported into your Synology NAS.

Note that you need port forwarding as your Synology box needs to be reacheable from the Internet (Let’s Encrypt will try to connect to it to confirm its identity).

I hope this helps :grin: !


hello, thanks for the quick reply…i am currently on the homepage of Let’s Encrypt : https://letsencrypt.org/getting-started/
nice explanation, getting start, with and without shell, getting help… but where is this famous link to " Get a certificate" ? on this page or anywhere else :wink:

There is none.

When reading your post you suggest you've read the "Getting started" page. I guess the page doesn't make it very clear you'll need software (also known as a client, and they come in various sizes and methods) to request a certificate from the Let's Encrypt ACME server.

Let's Encrypt itself doesn't offer such a (webbased) client on their own home page.

The "getting started" page should explain enough details to, well, get you started. But somehow you didn't manage to get started.

Could you tell me what information is missing on the page, so we can improve it? What didn't make it clear to you you'd need a separate software package (or third party webbased client) to get a certificate?

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Hello Osiris,
Let me explain the point of view of a dummy.
Starting point is a request to get a certificate for a Synology server I bought.
Synology forum indicates we can get automatically free certificates into your site
Then, I read I should go to Let’s Encrypt and got a knock-out :wink:
ACME ??? SHELL???, CERTBOT ??? Opening CERTBOT, questions are Software on System with Picklist I really have no clue
Hey, I am only an accountant, guys !
So to conclude, Synology writes me to go to Synology which answers I need a software to get Free Certificate
And then, next ?

Many thanks for your understanding

@choucketoch: @paulmarc already told you how to get a certificate from Let’s Encrypt with Synology. Recent enough Synology-software has a built-in Let’s Encrypt ACME client to retrieve the certificate for you. There should be no reason to search any further on the Let’s Encrypt website, just follow Synologys own guide on how to get a certificate.

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